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Islamic Interior Design

Friday, January 3rd 2014. | Interior Design

Islamic Interior Design

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Islamic Interior Design – In applying Islamic interior design, most people adapt from middle east, where Islam comes from, or they can adapt the style from northern Africa. One of the famous styles is Morocco, north Africa. To get more Islamic sense, you can put Turkish carpet.

Then, you can apply calligraphy decoration on your wall or Islamic pictures such as the scene of Ka’bah. Your ventilation better designed using Arabian calligraphy. You can also apply Arabian calligraphy on the wall and doors. Then, you can put ‘ assallamualaikum’ calligraphic on your entrance. For the wall color, you can color it with white color or green. You can apply those color not only on the wall but also on the floor.

In combining Islamic theme, you can put Qur’an or prayer beads in the living room. Then you can hang Arabic lamp in the living room or dining room. Apply some porcelains in the terrace to make it more beautiful.

complete your bookshelf with Islamic books (not only Holy Qur’an)for example, book of Prophet’s biography, Islamic stories for children, and so on. Put them tidily (be sure that the books are not only ornaments, but they are read to give more knowledge).

Build praying room.

It is a common thing for Moslem family to have praying room especially whose house is large. For moslem, praying is the number one. You can put praying mat, completed with praying beads, Qur’an, cap, sarongs, etc.

  If you have more land, you can build your praying room separated from your house. It’s like small mosque. However, if there’s no enough space, you do not have yo build it outside. Praying room inside will strengthen your moslem identity too. You can leave a meters of space near the living room, or family room.

Then bathroom design, you mustn’t direct your bathroom to Ka’bah, it is forbidden in Islam.


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