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Oriental Architecture

Tuesday, December 31st 2013. | Architecture

Oriental Architecture

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Oriental Architecture – Oriental concept is inspired from Eastern Asia especially China and Japan. Basically, oriental design is a combination among simplicity, nature and energy that create calmness and peace. However, there’s a little distinction between Japanese and Chinese design. As tin Chinese style, their dominant color is light red, white , black and gold. As the common-used element, they decorate their wall using Chinese calligraphic or paintings that telling about Chinese gods, lotus, dragon or other Chinese mythology. They also use red lamp ion for lighting. While, Japanese, mostly, specialized with their wooden furniture with natural color such as brown, white or black. And for the ornaments, they use natural stone, bamboo or paper paintings. Both Chinese and Japanese, they prefer sliding door and mat (they do not sit on the chair). However, here the writer only focus on Chinese design.

Chinese is close to Feng Sui, the way to get good luck. So, it is not bad if you build your sweet home using Feng Sui concept.

  •       Keep the room tidy

Be sure that your home is tidy so that there’s created harmonious home and lively sense. By having this, positive energy will always flow through your home. Throw away any useless things.

  •      Arrange the furniture

Arrange the furniture in a good position. Be sure that the furniture doesn’t prevent you to move. In another words, do not put crowd so that the positive energy will flow easily. Based on Feng Sui, you should put the chair and sofa close to the wall.

  •     Working room must be separated away from the bedroom

If those rooms stay close, your resting time will not be effective and neither your activities. Do not put working items such as computer in your bedroom, it will disturb your quality of rest.


  •   Repair any broken appliance as soon as possible

If you keep the broken appliances, surely, it will obstruct the flowing of positive energy.

  •  Put the mirror


We often find the Chinese hang a mirror at the front. They believe that mirror is a source of positive energy that may double the energy inside. Besides, it can prevent the negative energy. However, don’t put mirror against the door because it can reflect the inside positive energy to go away.


  •  Add plants, flower and fruit


Those fresh flora may strengthen positive energy, any kinds of plants, but you shouldn’t put thorny plants J. It is good for you to put a flower in your bedroom. Besides, Chinese believe that putting an orange or lemon can give good luck.


  • Add water

People believe that flowing water is a symbol of good fortune.

  •   Use suitable color


In Feng Sui, they believe that every color has its own meaning. For example, green is the symbol of nature, life and expectation, yellow symbolizes authority, while red and purple symbolize good luck.


  •  Avoid sharp line and angle


In Feng Sui, curve, circle are preferred than sharp angle. They believe that sharp angle may lead negative energy. Anybody who stay near sharp angle will feel worried.


Those are nine Feng Sui that you may apply in your home.

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